dep_create [-d destsys] -p partag -c chdtag

dep_remove [-d destsys] [-p partag] [-c chdtag]

dep_list [-d destsys] [-fC] [-C allchild | -P allparent | -c ofparenttag | -p ofchildtag] [-r typ] [-a app]

eqv_create [-d destsys] [-s sys] -t tag [-p sysPriority] [-Sothersys] -o othertag [-r othersysPriority] -e SHARED

eqv_remove [-d destsys] [-s sys] -t tag [-S othersys] -o othertag -e SHARED

eqv_list [-d destsys] [-s sys] [-t tag] [-fC]


LifeKeeper resources exist in relationship to one another. Two resources may be unrelated or they may be in a dependency relationship. In a hierarchy, a resource may have several resources depending upon it,and it may depend upon several resources. Each resource also relates to a like resource on the paired system with a shared equivalency. This shared equivalency ensures that a resource is active on only one system at a time. Equivalency object also indicates priority of the system for the resource. This priority value determines the order of cascading failover. A higher priority system has precedence over a lower priority system in recovering the resource. A priority value of 1 is the highest. The higher the numerical value the lower the priority. Two systems can’t be assigned same priority for a resource. Valid range is 1 to 1024.

Exit Codes

All commands exit to 0 if they are successful. Commands exit with a nonzero code and print to standard error if they fail. The following exit codes could be returned by these commands:

0 The operation has succeeded.
1 A system call or library call has internally returned failure.
2 A user-specified syntax error occurred.
3 LifeKeeper internal error.
4 A request to perform an operation on an object that already exists.
5 An argument specified is illegal.
6 Index out-of-range.
7 A request has been made on an object that does not exist.
8 A request was made to delete a resource instance on which another non-deleted resource instance depends.
9 An attempt to communicate with another system failed.


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