If the SIOS DataKeeper UI shows a volume as a source and its corresponding target as available or a volume as a target with the corresponding source volume as available, you can use the command line utility to force an update to the SIOS DataKeeper GUI or delete the orphaned side of the mirror. From a command prompt, go to the SIOS DataKeeper directory on the server which is displaying unexpected mirror status and perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the mirror is not in a Paused or Broken state on the source. If so, continue the mirror on the source. This should result in the mirror being re-established to the target.
  1. Run EMCMD <system name> UpdateVolumeInfo <volume letter>


<system name> is the name of the system;

<volume letter> is the letter of the volume.

  1. If the problem is not resolved in Step 1, then stop and restart the SIOS DataKeeper service.



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