lk_err -c Category -n Error number -p Process Name [-d {TO_LOG |TO_STDERR}] ”Message”


This utility is used within recovery scripts to log errors to the Microsoft Event Log. It also prints messages to stderr.

The arguments are:

Category. The following is a list of LifeKeeper message categories and their Event Log classifications:

LK Category
Event Category
Event Type
FRS_MES General Information
FRS_WARN General Warning
FRS_ERR General Error

Error Number. Must be a positive integer.

Process Name. Name of the script calling lk_err.

Destination. The destination parameter is optional. By default, events generated by lk_err will be directed to both the Windows Event Log (TO_LOG) and to the system console stderr message stream (TO_STDERR). However, with the -d option you may direct events specifically to one destination or the other.

Please note, however, that messages directed to the stderr (TO_STDERR) by programs or scripts that are executed by the LifeKeeper core will not display on the system console because the LifeKeeper core runs them as background tasks without interactive properties. Therefore, directing messages to stderr is useful only as a manual script testing and debugging aid.

Message. Message string must be enclosed in ” ”.



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