Near the end of the detailed status display, LifeKeeper provides a list of the flags set for the system. A common type is a Lock LCD flag used to ensure that other processes wait until the process lock completes its action. The following is the standard LCD lock format:


These are examples of general LCD lock flags:

  • !action!02833!701236710!<servername>:Restore_hierarchy. The creation of a file system hierarchy produces a flag in this format in the status display. The filesys designation can be appdp for applications with disk partition hierarchies or appfs for applications with file system hierarchies.
  • Other typical flags include !nofailover!machine and shutdown_switchover. The !nofailover!machine flag is an internal, transient flag created and deleted by LifeKeeper which controls aspects of server failover. The shutdown_switchover flag indicates that the shutdown strategy for this server has been set to switchover such that a shutdown of the server will cause a switchover to occur. See LCDI Flags for more detailed information on the possible flags.



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