EMCMD <system> CREATEMIRROR <volume letter> <target system> <type> [options]

This command creates a mirror between two machines, using the same drive letter on each.

The parameters are:

<system> This is the IP address of the source system (see Note below).
<volume letter> This is the drive letter that is being mirrored. This will be both the source and target drive letter.
<target system> This is the IP address of the target system (see Note below).

This is the type of mirror, where type is a single character:

A – Create an Asynchronous Mirror

S – Create a Synchronous Mirror


Optional arguments that specify behavior deviant from the norm. These can be OR’d together to create a set of options (add decimal values – for example, for option 1 + option 4, place a 5 in the command). They are:

1:   Create the mirror without doing a full resync operation.

2:    Do not wait for the target side of the mirror to be created before returning.

4:    Create with boot-time restrictions in place – essentially treat the create as you would a mirror re-establishment as part of the boot process. This option will check to see if the remote system is already a source and fail the creation if it determines that it was a source.

IPv4 Example:


IPv6 Example:

EMCMD 2001:5c0:110e:3304:a6ba:dbff:feb2:f7fd CREATEMIRROR F 2001:5c0:110e:3304:a6ba:dbff:feb2:afd7 A 5


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