Steps to Upgrade Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Version for SIOS Protection Suite for Windows

  1. Download and install the latest 32-bit JRE from (Note: Make sure you are downloading the 32-bit Java.)
  1. Run the installer. The first screen for the installer will have a check box to change the location of the destination folder. This box SHOULD be checked.
  1. As the Java installer proceeds select a new subfolder in c:\lk (e.g. c:\lk\jre1.8) as the destination folder.
  1. Repeat the above procedure (Steps 1-3) on the other node(s).
  1. Stop LifeKeeper on the backup node(s).

net stop lifekeeper

  1. Edit the registry keys.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\SteelEye\LifeKeeper\JavaGUI : JavaVersion from “1.8.0_101” to “1.8”

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\SteelEye\LifeKeeper\JavaGUI\Server : JavaVersion from “1.8.0_101” to “1.8”

  1. If firewall is enabled, open the “Windows firewall inbound ruleLifeKeeper Java” and edit the property “Programs and Services” tab and select the Java executable (e.g. c:\lk\jre1.8\bin\java.exe).

Change the description to state that it is for Java JRE <version number>.

Also update or create a “LifeKeeper Java Launcher” rule and edit the property “Programs and Services” tab and select the Java executable (e.g. c:\lk\jre1.8\bin\jp2launcher.exe).

Verify that all firewall rule changes are correct.

  1. Start LifeKeeper.

net start lifekeeper

  1. Repeat Steps 5-8 on other backup nodes (if any).
  1. Log in to SIOS Protection Suite and switch the hierarchy to the backup node.
  1. Repeat the procedure (Steps 5-8) on the primary node.
  1. Bring the hierarchy in service on the primary node.

At this point, SIOS Protection Suite has been upgraded using the latest version of Java.


  1. If a repair is done on your SIOS Protection Suite installation using the installer/repair option, repeat the above Step 6 as a repair will reset the registry settings. The directory created in Step 3 should be intact.
  1. When uninstalling SIOS Protection Suite, the directory created in Step 3 will need to be manually removed.
  1. The above steps assume that SIOS Protection Suite was installed in the default folder c:\lk. If not, change accordingly and replace c:\lk with the appropriate subdirectory.



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