To administer a protected Oracle resource from the LifeKeeper GUI, right-click on the Oracle resource (on the right-hand side of the LifeKeeper GUI) and select properties, then select the Oracle Database Configuration tab. Use the Oracle Database Configuration page to view or change information about your Oracle resource.

User Management:

This menu allows users to manage the Oracle DBA user that will be used during LifeKeeper operations.

Select Management Action:

  • Show Current User – Display the current user name used by the protected resource hierarchy.
  • Change Password – Update the user password for the current user associated with the protected resource hierarchy.
  • Change User and Password – Update both the Oracle DBA user and password to be used during LifeKeeper operations to administer and monitor the Oracle instance. The user must have DBA privileges for all databases under protection.
Enter User Name Enter the administrative user name. This user account must include DBA permissions to all databases under LifeKeeper protection.
Enter Password Enter the administrative password for the user account being updated.

Service Management:

This menu allows users to modify the list of optional Oracle Services that are protected under the resource hierarchy. LifeKeeper will monitor all protected optional services.

Select Service Action:

  • Add Service – Add an additional service to the protected configuration. LifeKeeper will start monitoring added optional Oracle service.
  • Delete Service – Remove a service from the protected configuration. LifeKeeper will stop monitoring optional Oracle service.
Service Name Enter the service name for the service to Add or Delete from the protected configuration. For Add operations, enter the service name. For Delete operations, choose the service name to remove from the list provided.
Update Cluster Select Yes to update all systems in this cluster. Otherwise, select No to only update the current system. If you chose No, you must manually add the service to the backup servers.



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