You can also run the LifeKeeper GUI as an application on a SIOS Protection Suite server. By doing so, you are, in effect, running the GUI client and server on the same system. Only users with administrator privileges on the SIOS Protection Suite server are allowed to run SIOS Protection Suite applications.

  1. Start the LifeKeeper GUI by clicking Start->AllPrograms->SIOS->LifeKeeper->LifeKeeper (Admin only).
  1. After the application is loaded, the LifeKeeper GUI appears and the Cluster Connect dialog is displayed. Enter the Server Name you wish to connect to followed by the login and password. See LifeKeeper GUI User Accounts for additional information on logging in.
  1. Once a connection to the cluster is established, the GUI window appears.

To run the LifeKeeper GUI on a SIOS Protection Suite server using the web client, click Start->All Programs-> SIOS->LifeKeeper->LifeKeeper. This will invoke a web browser and connect to SIOS Protection Suite using localhost:81.



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