1. Select the server, and then select Create Resource Hierarchy from the server context menu or server context toolbar.
  1. A dialog entitled Create Protected Application will appear with a list of all recognized recovery kits installed within the cluster. Select the Recovery Kit that builds resource hierarchies to protect your application and click Next.
  1. Continue through the succeeding dialogs, entering whatever data is needed for the type of resource hierarchy that you are creating.
  1. After receiving the message that the resource hierarchy has been created successfully, click Next to continue. If SIOS Protection Suite has detected a problem, an ERROR will appear in the information box, the partially created resource hierarchy will be removed and the Next button will be disabled. In that case, click Cancel to exit the Wizard.

SIOS Protection Suite Application Resource Hierarchies

If you install SIOS Protection Suite without any optional recovery kits, the Application to Protect list includes options DNS, File Share List, Generic Application, IIS, IP Address, LAN Manager and Volume by default. The Generic Application option may be used for applications that have no associated recovery kits.

See the following topics describing these available options:

Microsoft SQL Server Recovery Kit

Installing Microsoft SQL Server Recovery Kit adds entries to the Application to Protect list. Refer to the Microsoft SQL Server Recovery Kit Administration Guide for instructions on creating the required resource hierarchies.



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