SIOS Protection Suite Microsoft SQL Server Recovery Kit

SIOS Protection Suite Microsoft SQL Server Application Recovery Kit includes tools and utilities that allow SIOS Protection Suite to manage and control the Microsoft SQL-based database application. When installed, SIOS Protection Suite is able to monitor the health of the application and automatically recover the application if it fails. The SIOS Protection Suite Recovery Kit is non-intrusive and requires no changes within the application in order for SIOS Protection Suite to protect it.

This recovery kit provides menu-driven definition of resources for automatic switchover of a Microsoft SQL Server instance. The kit provides options that allow you to easily create a complete resource hierarchy so that the recovery operation can include all disk resources used by the SQL Server as well as the Named Pipe or IP socket resources used to access the database.

For further information, refer to the Microsoft SQL Server Recovery Kit Technical Documentation.

Note: Product Requirements and FAQ information is delivered in the OS specific Release Notes.



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