The Log Viewer dialog may be accessed from the server context menu or the toolbar. This dialog displays a limited view of the log files maintained by LifeKeeper. When accessed from the toolbar, you can look at log files for any server by changing the selected server in the Server list.

Server. A drop-down list of servers connected to the cluster. Select the server whose log files you want to view. This list is not available if the dialog is invoked from the server context menu.

Log Type. A drop-down list of log files available on the selected server. Select one of the options to indicate which log files you want to see:

  • LifeKeeper

Log Size. A drop-down list containing four options. Select one of the options to indicate how much of the log file you want to see:

  • Updates Only
  • Last 100 lines
  • Last 500 lines
  • Last 1000 lines



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