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Perform a Health Check

How do I add/register an existing DataKeeper Volume to a cluster?

Why has my Role FAILED in WSFC (e.g. SQL, SAP, FileShare, Hyper-V, Generic App)?

How to recreate a mirror for an existing clustered DataKeeper Resource


A customer may have experienced some issues where a DataKeeper Resource is listed as Offline via Windows Server Failover Cluster. Note: An existing job in the DataKeeper GUI will most likely have a RED X status


Remove all of the old mirror remnants from the Source and Target nodes
Manually recreate the mirror via the emcmd . createmirror command

To remove the mirror configuration from both nodes:

  • cd %extmirrbase%/support (This is a shortcut to the DataKeeper\Support directory)
  • run “cleanupmirror (drive letter)Note: Run this command on the Source first. This command performs the following:
    • deletes the local mirror only (NO DATA)
    • resets the switchover flag
    • notifies the driver and service that no mirror is present

To verify that the mirror has been properly removed, execute the following:

  • cd extmirrbase (This is a shortcut to the DataKeeper directory)
  • run “emcmd . getmirrorvolinfo (drive letter)
    The output should reflect no mirror e.g. 0 servername 0

Now you are in a position to manually recreate the mirror.
The syntax is as follows:

  • emcmd (Source IP) createmirror (drive letter) (Target IP) A or S (Async mirror/Sync Mirror)
    Upon completion, the DataKeeper UI will now reflect a Resyncing status. This can also can be verified from a command line by executing:
  • emcmd . getmirrorvolinfo e
    The output will reflect “E: 1 servername (Target IP) 2, where 2 is a mirror definition, indicating a Resyncing status

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