If more than one File Server role is created in Failover Clustering, each of which is using one or more DataKeeper Volume resources for storage, errors can occur if two or more roles are manually moved from one node to another simultaneously. In some cases, one or more DataKeeper Volume resources can fail to come online.

It is also possible that an error message is logged but the switchover works successfully; in that case, the message logged will be Event ID 196:

Attempt to connect to remote system

failed with error 64. Please ensure that the local security policy for “Network Access: Let Everyone permissions apply to anonymous users” is enabled on all the servers running DataKeeper.

In this case, this event message can be ignored.

Suggested Action

If more than one File Server needs to be manually moved to another node, each one should be moved independently. Make sure that the File Server has completely come online before attempting to move any other File Servers.



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