This command pauses the mirror and unlocks the volume on the target system. You may wish to unlock the target volume in order to make a backup of the volume.

Warning: Any writes to the target volume while it is unlocked will be lost when the mirror is continued.

Note: If replacing the target volume, either break the mirror or delete the mirror in order to ensure a full resync of the data from the source volume to the new target volume when the new target volume is in place. See Replacing a Target for further information.

The Continue and Lock command will relock the target volume, perform a partial resync.

  1. Select the job that contains the mirror you want to unlock.
  1. Right-click on the job selection and choose Pause and Unlock All Mirrors or select Pause and Unlock All Mirrors from the Actions task pane.
  1. Select Yes to pause and unlock all mirrors in the selected job.



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