1. Wait until the mirrors are in the Mirroring state.
  1. Create an Empty Application.
    • Open the Microsoft Windows Failover Cluster GUI
    • Right-click on Services and Applications (in Windows 2012, right-click on Roles)
    • Expand More Actions (not in Windows 2012)
    • Select Create Empty Service and Application (in Windows 2012, select Create Empty Role)
    • Right-click on the newly created service and select Properties
    • Rename the empty application to DataKeeper Service
  1. Add a resource to the new empty application.
    • Right-click on DataKeeper Service
    • Select Add Resource
    • Navigate to More Resources/Add DataKeeper Volume
  1. Open the Properties of this newly added resource and change the Resource Name to something meaningful, like “DataKeeper Volume E” (which designates E drive). Select the DataKeeper Volume Parameters tab and associate a volume drive letter (E for the above example) with the resource. A list of all mirrored volumes will be presented. Choose the volume that you wish to control with this resource.
  1. Right-click on the resource and choose Bring Online. Make sure it comes online. Note: Resources placed in online status are unlocked. Resources placed in the offline status are locked. (In Windows 2012, select Start Role.)
  1. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for all the other DataKeeper volumes you wish to protect with WSFC.
  1. Move the resource to available storage by doing the following:
    • Expand the Services and Applications tab
    • Select the DataKeeper service just created and note the resources
    • From the main pane, select the resource (i.e., DataKeeper Volume E)
    • Right-click and select Remove from DataKeeper Service — this will move the resource to Available Storage
    • Repeat for all the other volumes
  1. Delete the empty application created in Step 2.



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