Installing the DataKeeper Cluster Edition Core Software

SIOS DataKeeper Cluster Edition uses the Flexera InstallShield product to provide a standard installation interface. A license must be obtained and installed for each server in the cluster.

We recommend that you read the DataKeeper Cluster Edition for Windows Release Notes before installing and configuring DataKeeper Cluster Edition.

To install DataKeeper Cluster Edition software, run the setup program delivered with the DataKeeper Cluster Edition for Windows product. Follow the setup instructions on each screen. Some explanatory notes are included below.

Installation Notes

Once installation begins, you will be prompted to select the DataKeeper features to install. A typical installation includes both features.

During installation of DataKeeper Server Components:

  1. Configure firewall settings
  1. Select a DataKeeper Service log on account type

  • If Domain or Server account is selected, provide DataKeeper Service log on ID and Password.
  1. Install licensing via the License Manager.

Reboot your server and begin using DataKeeper. See the DataKeeper Cluster Edition Technical Documentation for further information on using DataKeeper.

The SIOS DataKeeper User Interface and Server Components Feature can be installed independently, and the installation can be modified later to include any feature that has not previously been installed.

Important: The SIOS DataKeeper User Interface feature and the target snapshot feature require Microsoft MMC 3.0 and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 to be installed. For Windows 2008 R2 and 2012, use “Server Manager” to enable the .NET Framework 3.5.1 features. If the DataKeeper Cluster Edition install is attempted prior to installing these proper versions, an error will be received and the installer will be stopped. DataKeeper Cluster Edition will need to be uninstalled and the DataKeeper Cluster Edition install process will need to be restarted.

Exclusion list for Antivirus Software for LifeKeeper and DataKeeper for Windows

The following things should be excluded in your antivirus software for LifeKeeper and DataKeeper:

  • For DataKeeper C:\Program Files (x86)\SIOS\DataKeeper\ directory (or the folder DataKeeper is installed in).
  • The bitmap file location (by default on the c: drive but it may be relocated – C:\Program Files (x86)\SIOS\DataKeeper\Bitmaps).

These locations have all of the executables and sometimes the Antivirus Software can quarantine them, thus rendering LifeKeeper or DataKeeper inoperable.

The list of registry keys that LifeKeeper and DataKeeper use is located here.


UpperFilters registry key located at:


The contents of the UpperFilters key contains “ExtMirr” when using DataKeeper.



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