This action locks the volume on the target system and then resumes the mirroring process.

While the mirror is paused, writes on the source system are recorded in the SIOS DataKeeper Intent Log. When the Continue and Lock operation occurs, these changed blocks – along with any blocks that also changed on the target volume – are sent from the source to the target, and the mirror is resynchronized in what is called a Partial Resync.

Warning: Any writes to the target volume while unlocked are lost when the mirror is continued.

Note: If replacing the target volume, either Break the mirror or Delete the Mirror, which requires either a Resync or Recreate instead of Continue and Lock. See Replacing a Target for further information.

  1. Select the job that contains the mirror you want to continue.
  1. Right-click on the job selection and choose Continue and Lock All Mirrors or select Continue and Lock All Mirrors from the Actions task pane.
  1. Select Yes to continue and lock all mirrors in the selected job.
  1. The mirror state will change to Mirroring in the Mirror Summary window.



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