EMCMD <system> ISPOTENTIALMIRRORVOL <volume letter>

This command checks to determine if a volume is a candidate for mirroring. The command may only be run on the local system.

The parameters are:

<system> This should be the local system.
<volume letter> The drive letter of the volume that you want to check.


TRUE – The volume is available for mirroring.

Otherwise, the output may be some combination of the following:

System Drive

RAW filesystem

FAT filesystem

ACTIVE partition

Contains PageFile

GetDriveType not DRIVE_FIXED

If the drive letter points to a newly created volume (i.e. SIOS DataKeeper driver not attached yet), or a non-disk (network share, CD-ROM), the output will be:

Unable to open – SIOS DataKeeper driver might not be attached (you may need to reboot) or this might not be a valid hard disk volume.

If there is an internal error getting volume information, you may see the message:

Unable to retrieve the volume information for use in determining the potential use as a mirrored volume. The volume may be locked by another process or may not be formatted as NTFS.



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