Breaking a mirror is similar to the Pause and Unlock function. It suspends mirror operation and unlocks the target volume for read/write access. The difference is that the Break operation marks all bits in the DataKeeper Intent Log as dirty, which forces a full resync to occur when the mirror is resync’ed to resume mirroring.

Warning: Do not write to the target volume while the mirror is broken. Any writes to the target while the mirror is broken will be lost when the mirror is resynchronized.

  1. Select the job that contains the mirror you want to break.
  1. Right-click on the job selection and choose Break All Mirrors or select Break All Mirrors from the Actions task pane.
  1. Select Yes to break all mirrors in the selected job.
  1. The mirror state will change to Broken in the Mirror Summary window.

Note: The Resync command will relock the Target volume, perform a full resync and resume the mirroring process.



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