EMCMD <source system> GETRESYNCSTATUS <volume letter>

This command returns information indicating the overall status of a resync operation.

The parameters are:

<source system> This can only be performed on the Source system.
<volume letter> The drive letter of the volume you want to set the configuration on.

Sample output:
Resync Status for Volume F:

Target 0 (Target System
ResyncPhase : 3
BitmapPass : 1
NumberOfBlocks : 32831
DirtyBlocks : 0
CurrentBlock : 0
NewWrites : 1803
ResyncStartTime : Fri Nov 05 13.57.51 2008
LastResyncTime : Fri Nov 05 13.57.51 2008

Target 1 (Target System
ResyncPhase : 2
BitmapPass : 0
NumberOfBlocks : 32831
DirtyBlocks : 2124
CurrentBlock : 29556
NewWrites : 0
ResyncStartTime : Fri Nov 05 15:09:47 2008
LastResyncTime : Fri Nov 05 15:09:47 2008

The ResyncPhase is used internally and has little meaning outside of the development environment. The values are: 0 (unknown), 1 (initial), 2 (update), and 3 (done).

The BitmapPass is the number of times we have passed through the bitmap indicating the number of dirty blocks. We count from zero. If we do a resync in one pass, then this never increments.

The NumberOfBlocks is the number of 64K data blocks on the volume.

The DirtyBlocks parameter is the number of blocks that the bitmap indicates need to be updated (and have not already been).

The CurrentBlock parameter indicates the current location in the bitmap.

The NewWrites parameter indicates the number of writes that have occurred on the volume since we have been resyncing.

The ResyncStartTime and LastResyncTime parameters describe the time that the resync was begun and the last time a resync write operation was sent across the network.


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