Create the MySQL Resource Hierarchy

Create a MySQL resource to protect the MySQL database and make it high available between cluster nodes.

  1. From the LifeKeeper GUI toolbar, click Create Resource Hierarchy.
  2. Select MySQL Database and click Next.
  3. Proceed Through the Resource Creation wizard, providing the following values
Recommended Entries or Notes
Switchback Type Intelligent
Server LinuxPrimary (Primary Cluster Node)
Location of my.cnf Enter “/datakeeper/lib/mysql”. Note that earlier in the MySQL configuration process we created a my.cnf file in this directory
Location of MySQL Leave as default (/usr/bin) since we are using a standard MySQL install/configuration in this example
Database tag Leave as default
  1. Select Create to define the MySQL resource hierarchy on the Primary Server
    Note: LifeKeeper will automatically identify that the MySQL resource has a dependency on the FileSystem (Data Replication) resource (/datakeeper/lib/mysql). The Filesystem Resource will appear underneath the MySQL resource in the GUI
  2. Click Next to Extend the File System Resource to the Secondary Server
  3. In the Extend Wizard, select “Accept Defaults”
  4. As a result the MySQL resource is now protected on both cluster nodes. Click Finish to exit the Extend wizard.
  5. Your resource hierarchy should look as follows:



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