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Non-mirrored Volume Resource

A non-mirrored volume resource is a DataKeeper resource where no data is replicated to any node in the cluster. This resource type should only be used where the data is temporary and/or non-critical such as MS SQL Server tempdb space. In this case, when MS SQL restarts on another node after a failover or switchover, the tempdb space is automatically recreated so replication of the data is not necessary.

This non-mirrored volume resource will be able to come Online and go Offline on all cluster node without ever affecting the configured volume. Additionally, the volume will remain unlocked and writable at all times on all nodes in the cluster.

To configure a non-mirrored volume resource:

The following steps will set the Properties needed for the non-mirrored resource:

If this non-mirrored volume resource is to be used with MS SQL Server for tempdb space the following configurations steps are needed:



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