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Properties Panel

The properties panel displays the properties of the server or resource that is selected in the status table. The properties panel has the same functionality as the server properties dialog or the resource properties dialog, plus a context-sensitive toolbar to provide fast access to commonly used commands. The caption at the top of this panel is server_name if a server is selected, or server_name: resource_name if a resource is selected.

The context-sensitive toolbars displayed in the properties panel are the server context toolbar and the resource context toolbar. Server or resource toolbars may also be customized. For more information on customized toolbars, see the corresponding application recovery kit documentation.

The buttons at the bottom of the properties panel function as follows:

You increase or decrease the size of the properties panel by sliding the separator at the left of the panel to the left or right. If you want to open or close this panel, use the Properties Panel checkbox on the View Menu

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