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The GUI components should have already been installed as part of the LifeKeeper Core installation. 

The LifeKeeper GUI uses Java technology to provide a graphical user interface to LifeKeeper and its configuration data. Since the LifeKeeper GUI is a client/server application, a user will run the graphical user interface on a client system in order to monitor or administer a server system where LifeKeeper is running. The client and the server components may or may not be on the same system. 

GUI Overview

The LifeKeeper GUI Software Package

Status Table

Properties Panel

Output Panel

Message Bar

Exiting the GUI


Resource Context Menu

Server Context Menu

File Menu

Edit Menu - Resource

Edit Menu - Server

View Menu

Help Menu


Global Toolbar

Resource Context Toolbar

Server Context Toolbar 

LifeKeeper GUI Message History Dialog

Preparing to Run the GUI

Configuring the LifeKeeper GUI

Starting/Stopping the GUI Server

Configuring GUI Users

Java Security Policy

Java Plug-in

Setting Browser Security for the GUI Applet

Running the GUI on the LifeKeeper Server

Running the GUI on a Remote System

GUI Troubleshooting

Network-Related Troubleshooting (GUI)

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