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Types of Scripts

LifeKeeper uses three principle kinds of recovery scripts: remove, restore and delete. After you develop these scripts, you place them in the appropriate directory so that they are available to LifeKeeper in case of a failure situation: /opt/LifeKeeper/subsys/application/Resources/type/actions.

If you use the LifeKeeper GUI to define your application resource hierarchies, LifeKeeper automatically places the scripts in the appropriate directories.

In addition to the restore, remove and delete scripts specific to each resource type, LifeKeeper also interacts with recovery scripts that can supply global actions, actions performed either before or after restore, remove or delete:

Note that these scripts are run regardless of what application or resource type is having the operation performed. For example, if you supply a postremove script to be run after an out-of-service operation, and a comm application is brought out of service, this script also runs after the comm remove script is run.

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