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Restore Scripts

LifeKeeper executes the restore script for a particular resource type whenever it needs to put an instance of that type into service. The restore script for the file system type resources is found in the directory /opt/LifeKeeper/subsys/gen/Resources/filesys/actions.

Application action scripts often have standard components. For example, the file system restore script has the same first three content components as the remove script. You can copy parts of those scripts to customize scripts for your applications.

The LRACI program that runs the restore script places the resource instance into the ISP state if it completes successfully (exit code 0) or the OSF state if it fails. The restore script must also successfully handle "restoring" already operational applications or resources.

The sample file system restore script illustrates the functional processing section of the file system restore script. Note these items of interest in the script code:

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