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Delete Scripts

You need to create delete scripts only if there are some tasks inappropriate for a remove script that must be completed before an instance can be successfully deleted. The file system resource type includes a delete script, for example, because the process of creating a file system instance modified /etc/fstab on both systems. When the instance is removed, the fstab files must be restored to their original state.

If you create your resources using the LifeKeeper GUI functions, LifeKeeper will automatically manage the delete functions appropriately. If you have some similar kind of action that must be undone when LifeKeeper removes an instance and you want LifeKeeper to perform the action automatically, you can use the delete script mechanism.

Take care when creating delete scripts, however, because the delete protocol in LifeKeeper is complex. You can use the file system delete script as an example. It is located in the directory /opt/LifeKeeper/subsys/gen/resource/filesys/actions.

Note: Delete scripts should never be run manually but run only as part of running the ins_remove program.

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