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The LifeKeeper Communications Manager (LCM) provides reliable communication between processes on one or more LifeKeeper servers. This process can use redundant communication paths between systems so that failure of a single communication path does not cause failure of LifeKeeper or its protected resources. The LCM supports a variety of communication alternatives including RS-232 (TTY) and TCP/IP connections.

The LCM provides the following:

In addition to the LifeKeeper services provided by the LCM, inter-system application communication is possible through a set of shell commands for reliable communication. These commands include snd_msg, rcv_msg, and can_talk. These commands are described in the LCMI_mailboxes (1M) manual pages. The LCM runs as a real-time process on the system assuring that critical communications such as system heartbeat will be transmitted.

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