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User Guide

The User Guide is a complete, searchable resource containing detailed information on the many tasks that can be performed within the LifeKeeper GUI.  Click User Guide to access this documentation.

The tasks that can be performed through the GUI can be grouped into three areas:

Common Tasks - These are basic tasks that can be performed by any user such as connecting to a cluster, viewing server or resource properties, viewing log files and changing GUI settings.

Operator Tasks - These are more advanced tasks that require Operator permission, such as bringing resources in and out of service.

Administrator Tasks - These are tasks that require Administrator permission. They include server-level tasks such as editing server properties, creating resources, creating or deleting comm paths and resource-level tasks such as editing, extending, or deleting resources.

The table below lists the default tasks that are available for each user permission. Additional tasks may be available for specific resource types, and these will be described in the associated resource kit documentation.

Task Permission
Guest Operator Administrator
View servers and resources X X X
Connect to and disconnect from servers X X X
View server properties and logs X X X
Modify server properties X
Create resource hierarchies X
Create and delete comm paths X
View resource properties X X X
Modify resource properties X
Take resources into and out of service X X
Extend and unextend resource hierarchies X
Create and delete resource dependencies X
Delete resource hierarchies X

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