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SNMP Log File

Each time an SNMP trap is generated by LifeKeeper, an entry is logged in the SNMP log file on the server that sent the trap. This file can be viewed like all other LifeKeeper log files. See Viewing Server Log Files. The log can also be viewed using the lk_log command (see the lk_log(8) man page for details).

The format of this log is:

DATE: Trap nnn [message] sent to LK_TRAP_MGR


Some of the trap messages (111, 112, 121, 122, 130, 131, 132) have an extra variable to indicate the resource(s) involved in the action.  The log entry in these cases is followed by the extra string, delimited with a leading colon (:).

DATE: Trap nnn [message] sent to LK_TRAP_MGR :resource_string

If the lk_configsnmp utility is used to change the value of LK_TRAP_MGR, the log format is:

DATE: lk_configsnmp: action

where action displays the changes that were made to the file /etc/default/LifeKeeper.

If an error occurred, the log entry format is:

Error: diagnostic message

See SNMP Troubleshooting  for troubleshooting information related to SNMP error messages.

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