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LifeKeeper for Linux Configuration

If the LifeKeeper environment has been installed, the LifeKeeper software can be configured on each server in the cluster. Follow the steps in the topic below which contain links to topics with additional details. 

LifeKeeper Configuration Steps

Linux Configuration

Data Replication Configuration

Network Configuration

Application Configuration

Storage and Adapter Configuration

LifeKeeper I/O Fencing

Resource Policy Management

Configuring Credentials

LifeKeeper API

Optional Configuration Tasks

Increasing the Log File Size

Setting Server Shutdown Strategy

Configuring the Manual Failover Confirmation Option

Tuning the LifeKeeper Heartbeat

Adding the LifeKeeper GUI Icon to the Desktop Toolbar

Using Custom Certificates

LifeKeeper Event Forwarding via SNMP

Overview of LifeKeeper Event Forwarding

Configuring LifeKeeper Event Forwarding

SNMP Log File

SNMP Troubleshooting

LifeKeeper Event Email Notification

Overview of LifeKeeper Event Email Notification

Configuring LifeKeeper Event Email Notification

Email Notification Log File

Email Notification Troubleshooting

Virtual Solutions

LifeKeeper for Linux in VMware ESX Server Virtual Machines, Configuration Guidelines

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