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lk_confignotifyalias(1M) -- configure LifeKeeper to send email notifications


$LKROOT/bin/lk_confignotifyalias ALIAS | --d[isable] | --q[uery]


The lk_confignotifyalias command allows you to specify the email address or alias or list of email addresses or aliases that will receive email notification for certain LifeKeeper events.  It edits the file /etc/default/LifeKeeper and sets the environment variable LK_NOTIFY_ALIAS. If the --disable option is given on the command line, the LK_NOTIFY_ALIAS variable is set to null.  This action will disable event notification via email.  The --query option displays the current setting of the environment variable.

The following are examples of the lk_confignotifyalias command:

# $LKROOT/bin/lk_confignotifyalias

/etc/default/LifeKeeper has been edited to change

# $LKROOT/bin/lk_confignotifyalias --query

Email notification of LifeKeeper events is enabled.

Notification List:

# $LKROOT/bin/lk_confignotifyalias --disable

/etc/default/LifeKeeper has  been  edited  to change



The lk_confignotifyalias command exits with zero upon success and non-zero on failure.


The location of this utility, $LKROOT, is defined in the default file /etc/default/LifeKeeper.

 A message is logged to the NOTIFY log file for each invocation.

This functionality is only available from the command line on each server.  It is not included in the LifeKeeper GUI.



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