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Performing the Migration

There are three methods for configuring and performing a Multi-Site Migrate. You can:



If you initiate the Migrate from the global toolbar icon, the following dialog box will display:


  1. Select the server where the hierarchy to migrate exists and is in-service. Click Next.


  1. Select the root hierarchy tag that will be migrated and click Next. The root tag can be a file system or other application resource. The tag selected (for non-file system resources) must contain a file system dependent resource.

If you select a File System in the LifeKeeper GUI window and select Migrate Hierarchy to Multi-Site Cluster from the pop-up window or the Migrate icon in the Properties Panel Migrate icon, the following initialization screen displays.


  1. Press Continue when the Continue button is enabled. The following bitmap dialog will display.


  1. Select a bitmap file for the file system you are migrating. Select Next.

Important: Once you select Next, you will not be able to change the Bitmap File Selection for this file system resource.


  1. Select the second bitmap file for the second file system being migrated within the hierarchy. After selecting the first bitmap file in the previous dialog box, any additional file system tags will be displayed so that the user can enter a unique bitmap file for each additional file system tag.

Note: This screen will not appear if there is only one file system being migrated. Also, multiple screens similar to this will exist if there are more than two file systems being migrated.

  1. Select Next, a summary screen similar to the one below will display.


  1. This Summary screen displays all the configuration information you’ve submitted during the Migrate procedure. Once you select Migrate, the following screen displays.


  1. The Migration status will display in this window. Press Finish when the Finish button is enabled.


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