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Configuring the Restore and Recovery Setting for Your IP Resource

To complete this configuration, you will need configure the Restore and Recovery setting for your IP resource to Disable. This option is displayed in the Properties pane. When the Properties pane is open for an IP resource or the properties for an IP resource are being displayed, this setting is one of three button options. Refer to the IP Recovery Kit for more information regarding this option.

Note:   Be sure to test the functionality of the new instance on all servers by performing a manual switchover. See Testing Your Resource Hierarchy for details. At this point, SteelEye DataKeeper has initiated the data resynchronization from the source to the target disk or partition once the extend to the disaster recovery node is completed.  In the LifeKeeper GUI, the state of the DataKeeper resource on the target server is set to “Resyncing”.  Once the resynchronization is complete, the state will change to “Target” which is the normal Standby condition.

During resynchronization, the DataKeeper resource and any resource that depends on it will not be able to fail over. This is to avoid data corruption.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you set the confirm failover flags. Refer to the section Confirm Failover and Block Resource Failover Settings for more information about this procedure.

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