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Hardware and Software Requirements

Your LifeKeeper configuration should meet the following requirements prior to the installation of SteelEye DataKeeper. 

Hardware Requirements

Note: Due to the nature of software mirroring, network traffic between servers can be heavy. Therefore, it is recommended that you implement a separate private network for your SteelEye DataKeeper devices which may require additional network interface cards on each server.

Note:  With the release of SteelEye Data Replication 7.1.1, it became possible to replicate an entire disk, one that has not been partitioned (i.e. /dev/sdd).  Previous versions of SteelEye Data Replication required that a disk be partitioned (even if it was a single large partition; i.e. /dev/sdd1) before it could be replicated.  SteelEye Data Replication 7.1.1 removed that restriction.

Software Requirements


This package must be installed on each server in your LifeKeeper cluster prior to the installation of SteelEye DataKeeper.  The HADR package is located on the LifeKeeper Installation Support CD, and the appropriate package is automatically installed by the Installation Support setup script.

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