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Installation and Configuration

Installing and Configuring SteelEye DataKeeper for Linux

Hardware/Software Requirements

Before Configuring Your DataKeeper Resources

The following topics contain information for consideration before beginning to create and administer your DataKeeper resources. They also describe the three types of DataKeeper resources. Please refer to the Configuration section of the LifeKeeper for Linux Technical Documentation for instructions on configuring LifeKeeper Core resource hierarchies.

General Configuration

Network and LifeKeeper Configuration

Changing the Data Replication Path

Determine Network Bandwidth Requirements

 Measuring Rate of Change on a Linux System (Physical or Virtual)

WAN Configuration

Confirm Failover and Block Resource Failover Settings

SteelEye DataKeeper for Linux Resource Types

Resource Configuration Tasks

Creating a DataKeeper Resource Hierarchy

Extending Your Hierarchy

Unextending Your Hierarchy 

Deleting a Resource Hierarchy

Taking a DataKeeper Resource Out of Service

Bringing a DataKeeper Resource In Service

Testing Your Resource Hierarchy

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