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Monitoring Mirror Status via Command Line

Normally, the mirror status can be checked using the Replication Status tab in the Resource Properties dialog of the LifeKeeper GUI. However, you may also monitor the status of your mirror by executing:

$LKROOT/bin/mirror_status <tag>


# mirror_status datarep-ext3-sdr

[-]     eve -> adam

 Status: Paused

 Type: Asynchronous

[-]     eve -> sophocles

 Status: Resynchronizing

 [=>                 ] 11%

 Resync Speed: 1573K/sec

 Type: Synchronous

Bitmap: 4895 bits (chunks), 4895 dirty (100.0%)

The following command may also be helpful:

cat /proc/mdstat

A sample mdstat file is shown below:

eve:~ # cat /proc/mdstat

Personalities : [raid1]

md1 : active raid1 nbd10[1] nbd8[3](F) sdb1[0]

  313236 blocks super non-persistent [3/2] [UU_]

  bitmap: 3/3 pages [12KB], 64KB chunk, file: /opt/LifeKeeper/bitmap_ext3-sdr

unused devices: <none/></tag>

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