There are several areas in the SIOS iQ User Interface that will show the current status of your environment and identify potential issues that may need to be resolved.

SIOS PERC Dashboard™ Overview – The PERC (Performance, Efficiency, Reliability, Capacity) Dashboard is specifically designed to give the user a single point of view into their environment.

PERC Topology Dashboard – The PERC Topology condenses complex infrastructure behaviors into a clear, condensed form that gives IT instantaneous access to the operating status across Performance, Efficiency, Reliability and Capacity dimensions, broken down by environment and issue severity.

Performance Root Cause and Meta Analysis – The SIOS iQ Performance Meta Analysis feature adds Deep Learning to strengthen its Performance Root Cause Analysis. Meta Analysis drastically reduces problem identification to a very small number of recurring anomalous behavior patterns and their root cause(s).

Performance Forecasting – The Performance Forecasting Dashboard provides a daily visual 7-day forecast of Performance Issues predicted to arise due to the computational and storage resource limitations associated with environment configuration. The forecast is accompanied by a navigable Issue List that enables detailed investigation of specific predicted issues.

Storage Acceleration Dashboard – The Storage Acceleration Dashboard provides the ability to improve performance, makes performance more predictable, offloads network traffic and network attached storage, improving the density of virtualization environment.

Oversized VMs Dashboard – The Oversized VMs Dashboard shows VMs that have consistently underutilized available resources (according to configurable usage parameters) and should be evaluated for the opportunity to reclaim resources as recommended by SIOS iQ.

Undersized VMs Dashboard – The Undersized VMs Dashboard shows VMs that have repeatedly high utilization for either vCPU or vRAM (or both), and should be evaluated to provide additional resources recommended by SIOS iQ to avoid potential impact on the application.

Efficiency Dashboard – The Idle VMs and Snapshots tabs show the user the wasted resources and their associated costs. The columns can be sorted by clicking on the column heading allowing the user to identify any areas that may need attention.

Rogue VM Instances – The Rogue VM Instances Dashboard provides a list of any “rogue” virtual machines that have been found (i.e., virtual disk files found where no known virtual machine is present in the environment).

Capacity Forecasting Dashboard – The Capacity Forecasting Dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the current storage capacity profile for all Datastores in the selected environment(s), including the number of days forecast for each Datastore to achieve the capacity usage percentage specified in the Capacity Forecasting Policy.

Environments, Virtual Machines, Hosts, Datastores, Services, Clusters – Each of these tabs are located in Inventory.

Event Log – The Event Log shows the Information, Warning, and Error events that have been logged by SIOS iQ.


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