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The Message Catalog provides a listing of all error codes, including operational, administrative and GUI, that may be encountered while using SIOS Protection Suite for Linux and, where appropriate, provides additional explanation of the cause of the error code and necessary action to resolve the issue. This full listing may be searched for any error code received, or you may go directly to one of the following individual Message Catalogs:

Core Message Catalog

DB2 Message Catalog

DMMP Kit Message Catalog

Recovery Kit for EC2 Message Catalog

File System Kit Message Catalog

Gen/App Kit Message Catalog

IP Kit Message Catalog

Oracle Listener Kit Message Catalog

Oracle Kit Message Catalog

SCSI Kit Message Catalog

DataKeeper Kit Message Catalog

GUI Message Catalog

In addition to utilizing the Message Catalog described above, the following topics detail troubleshooting issues, restrictions, etc., that may be encountered:

Common Causes of Failover

Known Issues and Restrictions

GUI Troubleshooting

Communication Paths Going Up and Down

Incomplete Resource Created

Incomplete Resource Priority Modification

No Shared Storage Found when Configuring a Hierarchy

Recovering from a Server Failure

Recovering from a Non-Killable Process

Recovering from a Panic During a Manual Recovery

Recovering Out-of-Service Hierarchies

Resource Tag Name Restrictions

Serial (TTY) Console Warning

Taking the System to INIT State S WARNING

Thread is Hung Messages on Shared Storage


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