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PostgreSQL Resource Hierarchy

The following example shows a typical PostgreSQL resource hierarchy:



The dependencies in the above example correspond to the following protected resources: 


PostgreSQL Software Component


Protects the switchable IP address used for client connections


Protects the database data directory (PGDATA)


Protects the PostgreSQL server and client executables (when executables are installed on a shared file system)


Protects the database log file directory (when the log path is located on a shared file system)


Protects the database transaction log directory (PGDATA/pg_xlog) The transaction log directory is also referred to as Write-Ahead-Log directory.


Protects the database socket directory (when the socket path is located on a shared file system).

In the event of failover, LifeKeeper will bring the file system, IP address and database resources (including all the resource dependencies) in service on a backup server.  Clients will be disconnected and will need to re-connect to the server.  Any SQL statement that has not been committed will need to be re-entered.

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