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Create the PostgreSQL Database

Follow the instructions in your PostgreSQL Administration Guide to create your database. In addition, please note the following recommendations:

No Password Protection (Instance is not Password Protected)

Local all postgres trust

Enabling Password Protected (Instance requires a Password for Connections)

<socket directory>:<port>:<database>:<user>:<password>



Note 1: The .pgpass file is required for the utility psql for unattended (non-terminal or scripted) connections. The .pgpass file must exist on each server where the password protected instance will be protected.

Note 2: The <socket directory> entry must match the value specified during the resource creation. For example, if the socket file specified during create was /tmp/socketdir/.s.PGSQL-5443, the socket directory entry in the .pgpass file must be /tmp/socketdir.

Note 3: For PostgreSQL 8.2 and later, allow a hostname in .pgpass to match the default socket directory (example: <hostname>:<port>:<database>:<user>:<password>). 

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