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Updating Database Administrator User

This Update User option will update the stored value for the PostgreSQL Database Administrator User on all systems where the resource is protected. The Update User option can be invoked from either the LifeKeeper resource toolbar or the LifeKeeper resource context menu.

To update the PostgreSQL Database Administrator User, perform the following steps on the primary server:

Note: The Update User menu and toolbar options will be disabled for any out-of-service resources.

  1. On the Edit menu, select Server, then Update User.

The Update User Wizard dialog will appear.

  1. You will be prompted for the following information. When the Back button is active in any of the dialog boxes, you can go back to the previous dialog box. This is helpful should you encounter any error requiring you to correct the previously entered information. You may click Cancel at any time to cancel the entire creation process.    



Enter PostgreSQL Database Administrator User


This dialog requests a PostgreSQL Database Administrator User name for the specified database instance with connection and administrator privileges for the instance.

Note: A validation script will verify connectivity using the value specified.  A password protected instance will require a valid entry in the .pgpass file for the PostgreSQL Database Administrator User.

Confirm Update Action

This dialog requests confirmation of the update user change of the previous user value to the new user value.

  1. Click Update.  The PostgreSQL Database Administrator User will be updated on all servers where the resource is currently protected.

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