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Performing a Manual Switchover from the LifeKeeper GUI

You can initiate a manual switchover from the LifeKeeper GUI by selecting Edit, Resource, and In Service. For example, an in-service request executed on a backup server causes the PostgreSQL resource hierarchy to be placed in service on the backup server and taken out-of-service on the primary server. At this point, the original backup server is now the primary server and original primary server has now become the backup server.

If you execute the Out of Service request, the resource hierarchy is taken out-of-service without bringing it in service on the other server.

Important: After bringing your resource hierarchy in service on the backup server, you should attempt to connect to the databases. With password protected instances, it is of particular importance that the .pgpass file is verified on the backup server. To verify the .pgpass file is valid, a client connection to the database should be made using both the psql utility and the PostgreSQL Database Administrator User. A valid .pgpass file exists if the connection succeeds without prompting for an interactive password.

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