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Running the GUI on the LifeKeeper Server

The simplest way to run the LifeKeeper GUI is as an application on a LifeKeeper server. By doing so, you are, in effect, running the GUI client and server on the same system.

Running the GUI on a LifeKeeper Server

  1. After configuring the LifeKeeper server for GUI Administration, you can run the GUI as an application on the server by entering the following command as root:


  1. The lkGUIapp script sets the appropriate environment variables and starts the application. As the application is loading, an application identity dialog appears.

  2. After the application is loaded, the LifeKeeper GUI appears and the Cluster Connect dialog is automatically displayed. Enter the Server Name you wish to connect to, followed by the login and password.

  3. Once a connection to the cluster is established, the GUI window displays a visual representation and status of the resources protected by the connected servers. The GUI menus and toolbar buttons provide administration functions. 

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