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GUI Overview - General

The GUI allows users working on any machine to administer, operate or monitor servers and resources in any cluster as long as they have the required group memberships on the cluster machines. (For details, see Configuring GUI Users.) The GUI Server and Client components are described below.

GUI Server

The GUI server by default is not initialized on each LifeKeeper server at system startup. The GUI server communicates with GUI clients using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Remote Method Invocation (RMI).  By default, the GUI server is not initialized during LifeKeeper startup but can be configured to start with the core LifeKeeper process. See Starting/Stopping the GUI Server

GUI Client

The GUI client can be run either as an application on any LifeKeeper server or as a web client on any Java-enabled system.

The client includes the following components:

Exiting GUI Clients

Select Exit from the File Menu to disconnect from all servers and close the client.

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