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Adjusting the System Date and Time

Changing the system date/time backwards while in multi-user mode can cause trouble with LifeKeeper. The SCSI ha_xref_tbl is used during resource management. If the date or time is changed to an earlier time value, management of resources with timestamps later than the new time can be frozen until the new time catches up to the point where it was when the ha_xref_tbl was built. As a result of this problem, your users may have trouble creating or changing resources during the frozen interval.

To adjust the system date/time counters backward:

  1. Go to single-user mode (which stops LifeKeeper).

  2. Change the date or time backwards.

  3. Go back to multi-user mode.

  4. Restart LifeKeeper. The operation builds a new ha_xref_tbl with the new current time so that the operation can continue.

Note: Changing the timezone (TZ shell variable) or changing from Daylight to Standard time does not affect LifeKeeper. Linux holds all time values as an absolute count of seconds from January 1, 1970 and changing the timezone or daylight/standard time is simply an ASCII interpretation of the absolute seconds counter. The counter itself is not changed.

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