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LifeKeeper Software Packaging

The LifeKeeper for Linux software contains two separate components:

The LifeKeeper Installation Support CD is installed first. Then, the LifeKeeper Core Packages are installed after the Installation Support CD installation is complete.

Optional LifeKeeper Recovery Kits are installed after the Installation Support CD and the Core Packages.

LifeKeeper Installation Support CD

The LifeKeeper for Linux Installation Support CD (de.img) provides a set of installation scripts designed to perform user-interactive system setup tasks that are necessary before LifeKeeper can be installed on your system. The Installation Support CD identifies what Linux distribution you are running and, through a series of questions you answer, installs various packages required to ensure a successful LifeKeeper installation, including the LifeKeeper API (steeleye-lkapi), which is used to allow communications between LifeKeeper servers. IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, this API is reserved for internal use only but may be opened up to customer and third party usage in a future release.

The type and sequence of the questions is dependent on your Linux distribution. Read each question carefully to ensure a proper response. Under normal circumstances, you should be answering Yes to each question in order to complete all the steps required by the Installation Support CD.

Refer to Installation and the LifeKeeper for Linux Release Notes for additional information.

The LifeKeeper for Linux CD includes a core package cluster containing the following software packages:

LifeKeeper Core Package Cluster

Optional Recovery Software

Recovery kits are released separately from the LifeKeeper Core software.  For a complete, up-to-date list of available recovery kits and package names, see the LifeKeeper for Linux Release Notes.

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