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LifeKeeper Core

LifeKeeper Core is composed of four major components:

LifeKeeper Core Software

The LifeKeeper Core Software consists of the following components:

File System, Generic Application, IP and RAW I/O Recovery Kit Software

The LifeKeeper Core provides protection of specific resources on a server. These resources are:

Specific help topics related to the File System Recovery Kit include Creating and Extending a File System Resource Hierarchy and File System Health Monitoring.

Specific help topics related to the Generic Application Recovery Kit include Creating and Extending a Generic Application Resource Hierarchy.

Refer to the IP Recovery Kit Technical Documentation included with the Recovery Kit for specific product, configuration and administration information.

LifeKeeper GUI Software

The LifeKeeper GUI is a client / server application developed using Java technology that provides a graphical administration interface to LifeKeeper and its configuration data.  The LifeKeeper GUI client is implemented as both a stand-alone Java application and as a Java applet invoked from a web browser.

LifeKeeper Man Pages

The LifeKeeper Core reference manual pages for the LifeKeeper product.

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