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Intelligent Versus Automatic Switchback

By default, the switchback setting of a resource is intelligent. This means that once the failover occurs for that resource from Server A to Server B, the resource remains on Server B until another failure or until an administrator intelligently switches the resource to another server. Thus, the resource continues to run on Server B even after Server A returns to service. Server A now serves as a backup for the resource.

In some situations, it may be desirable for a resource to switch back automatically to the original failed server when that server recovers. LifeKeeper offers an automatic switchback option as an alternative to the default intelligent switchback behavior described above. This option can be configured for individual resource hierarchies on individual servers. If automatic switchback is selected for a resource hierarchy  on a given server and that server fails, the resource hierarchy is failed over to a backup system; when the failed server recovers, the hierarchy is automatically switched back to the original server.


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