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Stopping LifeKeeper

If you need to stop LifeKeeper, type the following command as root to stop it:


This command halts all LifeKeeper daemon processes on the server being administered if they are currently running. Messages similar to the following are displayed:

# /opt/LifeKeeper/bin/lkstop

STOPPING LIFEKEEPER AT: Tue Apr18 14:08:44 EDT 2000 /opt/LifeKeeper/bin/perform_action -G -tlk_linux-on-galahad -a remove -- -m LifeKeeper: Oracle database lk_linux shutdown started LifeKeeper: Oracle database lk_linux successfully shutdown /opt/LifeKeeper/bin/perform_action -G -t filesys5035 -a remove -- - ...

LifeKeeper: Flushing buffers on /dev/sdc2. -f /dev/sdc2 LifeKeeper:Flushing buffers on /dev/sdc. -f /dev/sdc LifeKeeper: unlocking SCSI/dev/sdc LifeKeeper: SCSI /dev/sdc successfully unlocked./opt/LifeKeeper/bin/perform_action -G -t home1-on-galahad -a remove -- -m/opt/LifeKeeper/bin/perform_action -G -t device4925 -a remove -- -m /opt/LifeKeeper/bin/perform_action -G -t ipeth0- -a remove -- -m LIFEKEEPER NOW STOPPED AT: Tue Apr 18 14:09:41 EDT 2000

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